The blog site of the award winning 'ESCAPE COMMITTEE' Wargames Group. The group is responsible for the 20mm Stalingrad Grain Elevator and more recently the Seige of Tenochtitlan in 28mm. We are based in Burnham on Sea, Somerset, UK, and have permanent rooms at our community centre, so if your in the area feel free to pop by.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Salute 2011... Come and meet us in London

Sorry about the delay in keeping you all advised of the latest goings on in Burnam on Sea and the club.

Last year was a good year and we have continued to game and meet regularly, and have now got our own Yahoo group page. There are lots of photos of our games and thanks to all the club members who have remembered to bring their camera or phone and took time to publish these.

Hopefully we will be able to upload our rules and similar to the Yahoo site so you will be able to share these on a not for profit basis.

Our Curry night went well and hopefully this will be repeated.

On the gaming scene we have tried to ensure on sunday per month for a big club game and this has proved popular and hopefully provide an opportunity for everyone to give their troops an outing.

Now the really good news... Thanks to friends and contacts the Club and its members have been asked to support Osprey with the 2011 launch of the Ambush Alley & Force on Force rules sets at this years Salute.

This will provide and opportunity for demonstrating the rules and discuss any issues. The scenario we will play will be based on WW3 with 20mm French & Russian troops and armour, using a range of manufacturers products and especial thanks to our friends [and club memebrs] in S&S models of Burnham on Sea.

As you know the club has always prided itself in using terrain and figures within the finances and capabilities of the ordinary gamer and once again a lot of the scenery will be painted and constructed by the club using products from the average DIY store.

We hope to see you at Salute in April and in the meantime enjoy gaming.


Burnham on Sea, Somerset, United Kingdom
New Members welcome, with or without figures, contact Shaun at