The blog site of the award winning 'ESCAPE COMMITTEE' Wargames Group. The group is responsible for the 20mm Stalingrad Grain Elevator and more recently the Seige of Tenochtitlan in 28mm. We are based in Burnham on Sea, Somerset, UK, and have permanent rooms at our community centre, so if your in the area feel free to pop by.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


the popular modern skirmish rules 'ambush alley' has been used extensivly at the club recently and has proved to work quite well.

we have had several games using 20mm figures and vehicles with afghan militia and us and gb regular forces, with a good few wins on both sides.

we have played the game as a demonstration game at the exeter show in may 2009 and 2010, and the responce was very encouraging, especilay the comments about the buildings and terrain.
the vehicles and figures in the pictures are from the collection of mark taylor and include vehicles and figures from:-
s & s models,
all buildings and terrain features were built by shaun matthews for the club game, some of which are available from s&s models


Burnham on Sea, Somerset, United Kingdom
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